General terms and conditions

Cas Elizabeth will make every effort to ensure that the guest’s stay is safe, comfortable, and enjoyable. Cas Elizabeth cannot guarantee that the the guest’s stay is flawless or that the property and its amenities are flawless. However, Cas Elizabeth will make reasonable efforts to respond to deficiencies and malfunctions in the property and its amenities.

The guest understands and agrees that no charge back, refunds, discounts, or transfers to alternate property will be made for any reason other than those specifically provided for in this agreement and or agreed upon between parties.

Additionally, the guest agrees that no charge back, refunds, discounts, or transfers to alternate property will be granted for the malfunction of air conditioners, electronics, any other appliance or amenity, inclement weather, mechanical breakdowns, or other adverse circumstances beyond our control. Further examples of circumstances which do not warrant any charge back, refund, discount, or transfers to alternate property, etc. include but are not limited to: disruption of use or access to the beach due to nature or construction; presence of insects; disruption of utility services; a property not decorated/accommodated/improved/updated to the guest’s tastes; bad weather; noisy neighbors. The incidental presence of pests or bugs which do not render the property unfit or uninhabitable will not present cause for charge back, refunds, discounts, or transfers to alternate property.

The guest agrees to report any and all problems to Cas Elizabeth as soon as is practical. Cas Elizabeth agrees to make every effort to resolve the reported problem as quickly as possible, however, cannot guarantee when the problem will be resolved. Speed of service cannot be guaranteed. Tenant understands and agrees that emergency repair and service calls will be returned promptly and that the urgency of any problems and its resolution will be solely determined by Cas Elizabeth. Calls deemed to effect non-essential services will be returned the following business day. In cases of medical or fire emergencies the Tenant will call 911 or 100 emergency services.

The guest understands and agrees that it is the guest’s responsibility to ensure that all aspects of the property meet their personal standards prior to confirming the reservation through previewing the property or by other means. No charge back, refunds, discounts, or transfers to alternate property will be considered in such cases. Tastes, opinions, standards of living, and other expectations vary greatly from person to person. No charge back, refunds, discounts, or transfers to alternate property will be granted for occasions when actual property, amenities or furnishings are different from those advertised.

The guest explicitly forfeits the right to request a charge back of payment made without written consent of Cas Elizabeth.

House rules


  • No smoking inside; outside only if it doesn’t disturb other guests
  • No loud music or other noise
  • No visitors after 23.00
  • Standard occupancy is 2 people sleeping in the bed; for the use of the sofa bed there are additional costs
  • Standard occupancy is two people, for a 3rd guest there are additional costs
  • No pets
  • Wash off sand outside
  • Parking on the gravel at the sidewalk
  • Energy Switch off AC & lights when you leave
  • Close windows and doors when the AC is on


  • Report breakages immediately
  • Lost keys: we charge $ 125 for every lost key
  • No wet towels on the furniture
  • No glasses on the wooden furniture, use coasters; use the tablemats for plates
  • Plastic cups etc. are provided for the beach, all other items remain in the apartment

Beach towels:

  • We provide 1 for today and 1 for tomorrow for each guest
  • We only provide clean ones in exchange for used ones
  • No bath towels to the beach


  • Lock the outside gate when leaving or entering
  • Lock your apartment door when leaving
  • Keep valuable items in the safe


  • Daily cleaning: towel change, garbage
  • Twice a week: sheets are changed and cleaning; additional sheet changes at $ 25


  • Toilet paper only, no other items